Orthodontist Near Me: Your Path to a Confident Smile

Orthodontist Brooklyn, NY

An orthodontist spends their entire career helping people to feel confident with their smiles, so if you have searched for “orthodontist near me” and are faced with choices about whom to see, you should choose a professional who values your patronage and happiness.

Orthodontists focus on how the teeth are aligned and the jaw's position and bite. When a person has crooked teeth, gaps, or misalignment, it affects their ability to keep their mouth clean and can make them self-confident about their smile. The best orthodontists will work hard to give you a smile to be proud of via a treatment customized specifically for you.

How an orthodontist improves smiles

Orthodontists can use many tools to realign the smile and fix the issues that make patients uncomfortable with their teeth. The most common things that an orthodontist can do include the following.

Braces and aligners

For those whose teeth are misaligned, orthodontists can install a set of braces or aligners to pull them into the proper positions. Braces are placed directly on the teeth, and metal wires are installed to pull and shift the teeth. Alternatively, aligners are fitted to the unique shape of a person’s dental arch and can be removed. They exert pressure over time to move the teeth where they should be.

Braces are ideal for those who want a hands-off solution, as they do not have to worry about forgetting to put in their aligners after taking them out to eat or brush their teeth. Some patients choose aligners because they are less obvious in the mouth, but they must remain dedicated to wearing them for no less than 20 hours per day.


For people whose teeth have been straightened and are currently in the proper position, an orthodontist may recommend a retainer to ensure that they do not shift again. Some retainers are removable and should be worn each night. Others, called sublingual or “permanent” retainers, can be installed directly on the backs of the teeth. They remain out of sight but permanently stop the teeth from losing alignment once they are in their new positions.

Bite correction

In certain cases, a patient may have straight teeth, but their bite does not align. Their top or bottom arch may protrude too far or not enough, interfering with daily tasks that range from talking to eating. Orthodontists can use facial rigging or elastic bands affixed to brackets to gradually retrain the jaw on where to sit. They can also use braces and other methods to realign teeth into a proper bite so all parts of the mouth experience equal force when eating and at rest.

Try “orthodontist near me” to find help in your area

If you are looking for "an orthodontist near me," choose one who actively engages with patients and creates strategies tailored to their anatomy and goals. Get in touch with our orthodontist to explore the many ways that we can restore your smile and give you the confidence that you deserve.

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