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A current fashion trend is teeth jewelry. Given its popularity, you may have considered acquiring it for yourself. But first, you need to know about the many examples of dental jewelry. In this article, we go over teeth jewels, tooth rhinestones, and dental tattoos.

Teeth jewelry

A tooth gem is essentially a gem, a rhinestone, or a crystal bonded to a person's preferred tooth. The interesting part is that it does not need drilling — only a bonding substance is used to apply it. Many people do this themselves because applying a tooth jewel to the tooth does not always require a professional's assistance.

People are often concerned about tooth jewels causing damage to the teeth. These precious stones might enable bacteria to thrive freely. Brushing the teeth regularly can help prevent this. Jeweled diamonds may also wear away enamel over time. Overall, tooth jewels are safe provided that the person practices good dental care. Also, these jewels do not need drilling, which means there is less surface area for germs to colonize.

Dental jewelry has become popular because it is simple to put on and take off. That said, it is advisable to get this done in the dentist's office because although it may seem simple, there is still the risk of injuring the teeth or gums. Keep in mind that teeth jewels are tiny, and it is easy to swallow them by mistake. There is also the possibility of choking. When it comes to removing teeth stones, it can easily be done in a dentist's office.

These dental jewels are all temporary. The dental jewelry will not be harmed, but the adhesive substance that may wear away over time. Dental gems cab last a lifetime with appropriate maintenance, though, so talk to the dentist about how to extend the life of tooth gems.

Dental tattoos

This may seem like a strange technique, but the word "tattoo" is misleading. These are not real tattoos on the teeth; instead, they are paintings on an artificial crown attached to a tooth. This kind of "tattoo" is becoming more popular as a unique and creative way of self-expression. It is also not permanent because the artificial crown will eventually deteriorate (depending on brushing habits). Any image can be "tattooed" onto a crown, so patients have unlimited options.

Important points to note

Teeth gems are little diamonds attached to the teeth to brighten and enhance the smile. It is not dangerous as long as people remember to brush their teeth at least twice a day and maintain good oral hygiene. Othwerise, bacteria will thrive, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Final note

Teeth jewelry is temporary, with most tooth jewels lasting six months. However, if the adhesive substance is reapplied regularly (either at home or in a dentist's office), it may last a lifetime. It is important to keep track of the gem, though, since it could get lost or worse, swallowed by mistake. 

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