5 Tips for Braces Cleaning

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Due to orthodontic advancements, life with braces is more comfortable and convenient than ever. However, patients must make some lifestyle changes to care for braces properly. Read on to learn common tips for braces cleaning and maintaining good oral hygiene throughout your treatment. By following these simple steps, people can help prevent device damage, making the treatment process easier. 

Oral hygiene basics

Forgoing a proper oral hygiene routine and cleaning braces puts people at risk for poor oral health. Brushing and flossing are especially crucial for braces wearers since metal brackets and wires can trap debris and bacteria. In addition, practicing good oral hygiene can help prevent health complications, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease, from developing during orthodontic treatment. It can also help reduce pain and inflammation as plaque and tartar do not get a chance to eat through to the gums.

Proper brushing

Patients must brush their teeth at least twice daily and after every meal and snack. A special device called a “tree brush” can make braces cleaning much easier. A tree brush helps patients clean behind their wires and remove any food particles.

Proper flossing

While flossing with braces is a bit more complicated and will likely take a little longer, it is crucial not to skip this step. To floss correctly, patients should thread the floss between the main wire and their teeth and gently slide it up and down the sides of both teeth. A water flosser can also help remove food debris from between teeth and around brackets. Patients with ceramic braces rather than traditional braces should take extra caution since their brackets are larger. This can make them harder to clean and lead to swollen gums if the toothbrush does not reach the gum line.

Visitng the orthodontist

People with braces will require regular visits to an orthodontist so they can monitor their treatment progress. Patients can expect to come back about every four to eight weeks. During these routine appointments, our team will look for any signs of damage, replace any wires, and tighten the braces as needed.

Periodic adjustments

Adjustment appointments are an essential part of a successful treatment outcome. Orthodontic treatment is progressive, which means changes happen over time. Missing any visits could lead to a longer treatment time. Besides routine adjustment appointments, patients should contact our team for an appointment regarding any bracket or wire issues.

Avoiding certain foods

While traditional braces are durable, there are certain foods that patients should avoid. People should avoid eating sticky, hard, or crunchy foods like candy, gum, and popcorn. These foods can get stuck in wires and cause severe damage or breakage. After receiving braces for the first time or after adjustment appointments, patients may want to eat soft foods that do not require much chewing, such as soup. Braces-friendly foods include dairy and bread, lunch meats and soft-cooked chicken, seafood, cooked vegetables, fruits like bananas, and treats such as ice cream without crunchy mix-ins.

Get the most out of braces treatment

By following a few simple instructions, you can reduce the impact of braces on your lifestyle and help you maintain healthy teeth during treatment. A healthy oral cavity means better overall health. Call our office at (718) 709-3903 to learn more about braces cleaning or schedule an appointment.

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