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Traditional Braces

The Best Traditional Braces for Your Orthodontic Needs in Brooklyn, NY

For the people of Brooklyn, NY, who may have problems with a bad bite, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, malocclusions, and other structural flaws of the teeth as well as the jaws, often find confidence in the fact that there is an orthodontic clinic that takes good care of these dental problems so they can smile with greater confidence about themselves. Our orthodontic services utilizes only the best and most proven methods of correcting your teeth alignment tissues.

In promoting the normal alignment of the teeth, certain devices have to be used to apply constant pressure on the teeth to help
them slowly return to their normal anatomical position. But why do teeth get misaligned in the first place? There are many reasons why teeth are not in their correct position. It can be because of a variety of feeding behaviors, an impacted tooth, injuries to the jaw, or even congenital anomalies. Whatever the case, Dr. Bobbi Peterson will be able to carefully evaluate your orthodontic condition to help bring back the sparkle in your smile.

Today’s traditional braces are way more advanced compared to how they were designed many years ago. They are now flatter, smaller, and definitely more comfortable to wear. Dr. Peterson only uses high grade titanium or stainless steel in making a traditional metal brace. These are made up of three major components: the bracket, the archwire, and the ligature elastic.

Brooklyn, NY patients can rely on the expertise of Dr. Peterson to create a fabulous teeth aligning mechanism using these three components. Brackets are bonded to each surface of the teeth and then connected to one another by the use of a metal wire nown as the archwire. This arrangement allows for the application of pressure on affected teeth, slowly guiding them back into their normal place. To hold the archwire and the braces together, Dr. Peterson applies a ligature elastic which he changes every time you are scheduled for a check-up. Dr. Bobbi Peterson may also tighten the archwire with each visit to help facilitate the return of teeth to their normal anatomical position.

Indications of Traditional Braces

Generally, if you have a bad bite, teeth protrusion, teeth overcrowding, teeth gaps or spacing, or even a mismatch in your dental midlines, you can benefit from a traditional metal brace. Unlike other types of orthodontic treatments, a traditional metal brace is the perfect solution for extreme teeth overcrowding as its strength is in the constant firm pressure applied on teeth. And while some may not be comfortable about the metal mouth appearance, today’s traditional braces are more visually appealing and can be designed to match your personality.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

If you want a really excellent orthodontic treatment for a variety of teeth misalignment issues, we are the dental clinic that you can trust. We have helped countless individuals from Brooklyn, NY and neighboring boroughs bring back the confidence in their smile that we have become synonymous to effective and fashionable traditional metal braces you can rely on.